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IQOYA *CALL for IP audio remote broadcasting

IQOYA *CALL for IP audio remote broadcasting
IQOYA *CALL for IP audio remote broadcasting
  • IQOYA *CALL for IP audio remote broadcasting
  • IQOYA *CALL for IP audio remote broadcasting

Key Workflow: Build reliable audio contribution links from remote talent to studio with uncompromised broadcast quality over unreliable Internet and Mobile networks

IQOYA *CALL builds reliable, ultra-low-latency audio contribution links over unreliable Internet and 3G/4G networks. Specifically designed for non-technical users, it makes IP contribution as simple as placing a call from a smartphone. Its streaming engine FluidDIP enables both interoperability with third party IP codecs and optimized compensation for IP network impairments. Any administrator can configure IQOYA *CALL via the cloud for in-the-field contribution scenarios, freeing remote talent from technical hassles.

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At a glance

IQOYA*CALL provides a full-duplex stereo connection between a remote site and a studio

  • Ultra-simple to use: click to dial from contact list just like a smartphone. Dialling from the front panel color screen or from the Web page automatically provides an optimized connection without worrying about networks, protocols, or audio technical parameters
  • Easy to manage: all setups are enclosed in the Administrator’s web page. Configure locally or via IQOYA*CLOUD app to anticipate in-the-field contribution scenarios
  • Smart quality administration: a smart bar graph displays connection quality in real time. Even inexperienced users can check and manage set-ups during actual field situations 

Key features

  • Super-fast dial-up and configuration via web-based and front panel interface
  • Quick profiles set-up for Audio and Network formats, with and without SIP
  • Direct IP connection to Axia Livewire and Livewire+, AES67 and RAVENNA consoles
  • Full ACIP (Tech 3326 and 3368) compliance with SIP signalling
  • Symmetric RTP mode with auto-answer for simple infrastructures without SIP
  • Ultra-low latency (e.g. typical 10 ms analog end-to-end, with EaptX)
  • Superior 24-bit audio quality (THD < -90 dB)
  • 2 Ethernet IP ports for WAN and LAN-audio connections
  • Superior AAC Fraunhofer error concealmentManaged from anywhere and at anytime by the IQOYA*CLOUD SaaS application

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