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    EDS is reseller for Wowza Media Systems (provides the Simply Powerful Streaming media server) and Sawmill (Universal Log File Analysis and Reporting).

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    EDS provides the solutions that exercises digital multi-channel audio and video recording and minutes of proceedings for the Court, National Assembly and the other organizations. “Tav” is a new format file that is defined by EDS in order to store all kind of data like Text, Audio, Video.


    Integrated solution

    Integration Digigram audio, video encoder with Wowza Media Server makes a stable streaming media system.This solution is applied successfully in VTC and VOV

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    Audio-Visual equipment for a mock court room – The supreme people’s court Center for information, Library & Research services.

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Description Equipment

The Court Recorder exercises digital multi-channel audio and video recording and minutes of proceedings based on unified and extendable templates which provides trial transparency.




PCI Express version of the PCX924HR sound card, which offer stereo inputs and outputs, perfect for on-air automation, production and other mission-critical applications.




Popular transmiter Audio

Popular transmiter Audio: IQOYA *SERV/LINK,IQOYA *LINK,IQOYA *LINK/LE,PYKO-in,PYKO-out,The Microphone node ,The Analog Line Node ,The AES/EBU Node ,



  • PCX924HR-Mic
  • PCX924HR
  • PCX924e mic
  • PCX924e
  • iqoya serv link lg
  • iqoya linkle lg
  • iqoya link lg
  • vx820e 3000pix
  • vx442e 3000pix

TV box android 4.0

TV box android 4.0 new generation allows to connect the TV screen - Continued strength and modern solutions. Lifetv successfully deployed assembly equipment "Smart" TV not named Tvbox smart 4th-generation Android. This is a form of cost savings and still have a smart tv in your house.

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