Minutes of meeting recorder


Minutes of meeting recorder is designed for government organization, National Assembly, Academy and Enterprize who regularly attends formal meetings. Minutes of meeting recorder provides instant recall of any meeting detail speeding preparation of meeting minutes and facilitating review of meeting with participants.

Benefit from the enhanced productivity that Minutes of meeting recorder provides:

  • Meeting are more productive with commitments recorded
  • Technical discussions can be reviewed in detail any time
  • Track action items and deliverables for accountability
  • Share discusstions within workgroups
  • Improve communication with customers and partners.

Easy to learn and Use

Minutes of meeting recorder captures clear digital audio, video while being simple to run, just like a tape recorder, take note easily like Microsoft Word. Minutes of meeting recorder software bases on Windows OS platform and compatible with the most popular format. All user interface and help can be swiched between English and Vietnamese languages.

Save time every day

Minutes of meeting recorder makes it easy and affordable to capture meeting information in high-quality digital audio, video recordings.

  • Fast note taking to highlight important events
  • Pre-load agenda and common phrases
  • Point and click to share meeting on network
  • Use CDs, DVDs for storage and duplication
  • Create meeting minutes faster and easier
  • Separate a voice of each speaker to avoid the other speakers and noises.

Audio, Video recording

  • Up to 32 channels of independent audio
  • PA and confidence monitoring from the recorded file
  • A visual display of audio recording levels and low volume detection
  • The ability to record on multiple video, audio channels and text in 1 encrypted file.
  • Data file can be set up password and secret-keeping
  • The ability to convert to popular WAV or MP3 file

Take notes and produce minutes

Notes can be entered easily during and after the meeting to create an outline of agenda items, discussion point, action items, … Minutes of meeting recorder makes it easier to produce meeting minutes with features like foot pedal support, slow playback and voiceboost audio enhancement for maximum clarity and intelligibility.

  • Predefined shortcut keys for fast annotation
  • Add, edit, delete during record and playback
  • Notes have elapsed and time-of-day time stamp
  • Export notes for use by transcriber
  • Bookmarks provide cue points where recording playback may jump instantaneously
  • Software remote-controllable via TCP/IP, media control system with local and centralized commands
  • Embedding of any file, Full text search for prepared and placed markers.
  • Connects to conference systems for setting markers on conference unit events

Transcriber live features

  • VoiceBoost audio enhancement
  • Slow down and speed up without pitch shift
  • Assignable virtual foot pedal keystrokes
  • Optional hardware USB foot pedal
  • Use note to locate sections for transcription
  • Mix or individual channel selection
  • Digital clarity for easier transcription

Create achives for easy access

Minutes of meeting recordings are stored in digital files for duplication on CD, DVD. All information as audio, video, note and attached files are saved in only 1 file with the pre-defined name and time of the meeting suffix. The ability to search through the notes for occurrences of specific text strings. Data can be converted to popular format for exchange.

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