Audio over IP


A multiple stereo or multichannel IP audio codec for STL/SSL.


2-channel IP Audio for STL or SSL applications


Cost-effective IP audio codec for SSL/STL


Convert analog audio sources to high quality MP3 or PCM IP streams. 2 modes (easy switching though firmware update) :

  • 1 stereo input device
1 mono input & 1 mono output device - full-duplex (perfect for intercom applications)


Play audio from standard MP3 or PCM IP streams or locally stored MP3 files.

  • balanced audio I/Os on terminal block connectors
  • 8 GPIOs, RS232
Internal and external USB host ports
The Microphone node has eight professional-grade microphone preamps with selectable Phantom power and software-adjustable gain. There are also eight balanced analog line outputs to conveniently deliver headphone and studio monitor feeds back to the talent.Inputs use XLR connectors; outputs are on easy-to-install RJ-45's
The Analog Line Node has eight balanced stereo inputs and eight balanced stereo outputs, all on RJ-45 connectors. Each input is switchable to accommodate either consumer-level -10dBv or professional level +4dBu. The short-circuit protected outputs can deliver up to +24dBu before clipping. We make use of the very best quality A/D/A converters and low-noise components, so that each Analog node provides superior audio performance for high-end studio use
The AES/EBU Node provides eight stereo AES3 inputs and eight AES3 outputs. Samplerate conversion is available on all inputs; the unit can also sync to a house clock. Like the mic and analog line nodes, the AES node displays confidence metering for each of its inputs and outputs on the front panel, which doubles as a system configuration display

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