Wowza Streaming Engine Software

Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine™, formerly Wowza Media Server, is robust, customizable, and scalable server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, leverage the powerful components of Wowza Streaming Engine and tailor your streaming workflows with security and confidence.


  • Reach any device with high-quality live and on-demand streaming video and audio
  • Scale across operating systems and architectures, from a single computer to load-balanced server networks and clouds
  • Trust your streaming to work, whether running a start-up website or a mission critical application where lives are at stake



Any Media to Any Device Anywhere—Simplified

Wowza Streaming Engine accepts any video format and reliably delivers it in multiple formats and with the highest possible quality to any connected device, anywhere. Configure and stream broadcasts with confidence and ease from the browser-based Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.


Flexibility and Control

Wowza Streaming Engine meets your unique streaming needs. Dedicated, customizable, and extensible, Wowza Streaming Engine software integrates with third-party systems and includes powerful components that let you build solutions for your evolving streaming needs.


Engaging Viewer Experiences

Extend your reach and engage your viewers with Wowza Streaming Engine. Offer audiences TV-like features, include closed captioning, and deliver audio in a choice of languages.


High Performance and Scalability

Deliver live and on-demand streaming from standard on-site hardware or through the cloud with Wowza Streaming Engine, making the most of your hardware, networking, and other resources.


Multiple Levels of Content Security

Keep your content safe and secure with Wowza Streaming Engine, which offers a wide variety of options to ensure that streams, networks, and audio and video assets are protected.



Premium AddOns for Wowza Streaming Engine

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Wowza nDVR

Provides a single live stream cache that stores content in a normalized format accessible…

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Wowza DRM

Facilitate integration with various digital rights management platforms to deliver on-the-fly encryption…

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Wowza Streaming Engine Pro - 3 Year Support

Wowza Streaming Engine Pro - 3 Year Support

Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Pack

3 Year Wowza Pro Maintenance & Support

1 Year Wowza Pro Maintenance & Support

3 Year Standard Maintenance & Support

1 Year Standard Maintenance & Support