The Court Recorder

Court, Depositions, Administrative Hearings

Clear Digital Sound

Easy to Use, Fast Readbacks

Take Notes for Transcriptionist

The Court Recorder exercises digital multi-channel audio and video recording and minutes of proceedings based on unified and extendable templates which provides trial transparency and automation of creation of minutes of proceedings. The Court Recorder is one of the basic components in courtrooms equipping with up-to-date facilities of court procedures automation. The system considerably simplifies overall work of secretaries and allows forgetting about pen and paper when composing minutes of court proceedings.

Key Features of Court Recorder
Digital many audio channels recording
Digital video recording (optional)
Creation of electronic minutes of proceedings based on unified and extendable templates
Instant playback and review with audio/video and text synchronized
Saving and backup of data on hard drive, CD/DVD discs, network resources
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 compatible
Single window point-to-click user interface
Disaster recovery option
Integration with existent third party court case management systems
Easy installation, training and operation
Watchdog system

Court Recorder is easy to use, which in turn substantially facilitates the process of preparation of minutes of proceedings due to a special editor with application of unified and customizable templates of court proceedings. The special editor carries out complete fixation of all court proceedings in chronological consecution (event log) and simultaneous synchronization of these
proceedings to corresponding audio and video segments of records. The synchronization of audio and video to text gives an instant access to the required court event. If needed a court secretary can create a verbatim transcript of the total trial or its fragment. While reading this verbatim transcript one can simply click on any word in the text and the playback of the corresponding passage of the record will be automatically launched. And this is an undeniable advantage of Court Recorder in comparison with analogous court recording systems. Easy point-to-click user interface and a special educational version of the program help secretaries at court proceedings master the work with the system within short periods. So basic PC skills are eeded for use of Court Recorder, and no speed typing experience is required. Transcribing mode with foot pedal playback control function and speech speed variation without pitch affecting helps the court secretaries preparing minutes of proceedings more comfortably and effectively. No additional downloads of media player is required to playback records. Court Recorder provides data rotection from modifications and tampering both in the recordmode and in the storage-mode. Court Recorder has access controls to these data and stipulates the support of multi-user mode of
user rights limitation. Court Recorder generates minutes document in Word format without the necessity to install the additional text editor. Court Recorder provides complex voice signal nhancement – noise and interferences reduction is accomplished. Court Recorder uses standard removable media (CD/DVD) which in turn reduces the costs for courts. No special format for removable media required for duplicating and archiving all records. Court Recorder has stationary and portable configurations. Court Recorder Software Benefits Digital audio and video recording with automatic creation of minutes of proceedings Possibility of integration with the third party court case management system Templates Editor Phonograms Visualization Multi-channel sound processing (speech speed variation without pitch affecting, modes of multichannel synchronous or separate channel playback, AGC, equalizer, noise cleanup)

Audio, Video recording
Up to 32 channels of independent audio
PA and confidence monitoring from the recorded file
A visual display of audio recording levels and low volume detection
The ability to record on multiple video, audio channels and text in 1 encrypted file
Data file can be set up password and secret-keeping
The ability to convert to popular WAV or MP3 file
Automatic file repair in event of power failure.
Take notes and produce minutes
Notes can be entered easily during and after the meeting to create an outline of agenda items,
discussion point, action items, … Court recorder makes it easier to produce court minutes with
features like foot pedal support, slow playback and voiceboost audio enhancement for maximum
clarity and intelligibility.
Predefined shortcut keys for fast annotation
Add, edit, delete during record and playback
Notes have elapsed and time-of-day time stamp
Export notes for use by transcriber
Bookmarks provide cue points where recording playback may jump instantaneously
Transcriber live features
VoiceBoost audio enhancement
Slow down and speed up without pitch shift
Assignable virtual foot pedal keystrokes
Optional hardware USB foot pedal
Use note to locate sections for transcription
Mix or individual channel selection
Digital clarity for easier transcription

Create achives for easy access
Court recordings are stored in digital files for duplication on CD, DVD. All information as audio,video, note and attached files are saved in only 1 file with the pre-defined name and time of the meeting suffix. The ability to search through the notes for occurrences of specific text strings.Data can be converted to popular format for exchange.